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Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Roll


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Charmin Ultra Strong is woven like a washcloth and just cleans better than the leading bargain brand, so you can be Charmin clean and proud of it. It’s 4X stronger* and you can use less versus the leading bargain brand. When you buy Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Roll toilet paper, you get a big, long-lasting roll because one Charmin Mega Roll equals 4 Regular Rolls**. We all go to the bathroom, those who go with Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Roll toilet paper really Enjoy the Go! • 1 Charmin Mega Roll = 4 Charmin Regular Rolls based on number of sheets in Charmin Regular Roll bath tissue • Design inspired by washcloth-like cleaning and strength • Charmin’s strongest 2-ply toilet paper • 4X stronger when wet vs. the leading bargain brand • Clog-safe and septic-safe • Roto-Rooter approved

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Weight 2 lbs