Top-quality cleaning equipment and machines. We offer a high-quality equipment line to make everything shine, from vacuums, floor polishers, and auto-scrubbers to carpet extractors! All of our equipment is durable, dependable, efficient and very easy to use. Canada’s leading supplier of cleaning supplies, equipment and facility management services.
Cleaning Equipment, Floor Machines, Vacuums, Autoscrubbers, Carpet/Upholstery Equipment, Sweepers, Blowers, Pressure Washers, Janitorial, Facility, maintenance, floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, supplies, products.
Multisurface cleaning equipment clean, rinse, and dry hard floors and bathroom fixtures without requiring users to touch contaminated surfaces. Floor polishers, burnishers, and scrubbers use rotating pads or brushes to clean, scrub, strip, buff, or polish floor surfaces.
Along with all cleaning equipment, we also supply a complete range of cleaning consumables and janitorial equipment including floor pads, squeegee rubbers, vacuum dust bags, brushes and a wide range of chemicals and detergents available from leading manufacturers.

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